Niro Granite


Group’s growth

Our Group’s growth in the last several years leading to a prominent position amongst industry players demands a higher responsibility in the area of business conduct. And in this position, the Group must continue to challenge itself to ensure that we continue to maintain the reputation of unquestionable integrity in the organisation’s day to day activities. A key part to this would be to encouraged the practice of open avenues and disclosure of communication.

It has always been the Group’s policy to protect individuals from any retaliation resulting from the disclosure of information concerning an activity that an employee reasonably believes to be a violation of the Code of Business Conduct. The organisation strives to achieve the condition where all Niro Ceramic Group employees feel comfortable bringing forward issues, questions and concerns directly to their Supervisor or Manager.

To facilitate ease of disclosure within the Group’s companies’ and where our operations are in several countries, Niro Ceramic Group’s Compliance Reporting System is officially implemented.

Niro Ceramic Group’s Compliance Reporting System provides an alternative channel for you to confidentially and anonymously communicate your concerns.