Niro Ceramic Group

Đội ngũ quản lý

Bong Kuan Shin

Executive Vice-Chairman of Niro Ceramic Group

Ian Kok

Managing Director of Niro Ceramic Group

Teh Kok Hann

Group Chief Financial Officer

Alex Ng

Chief Executive Officer – China and India

Choong Ee Ren

Chief Executive Officer – Indonesia

Keith Loh

Chief Retail Officer – Creative Lab

Anne Chua

Senior General Manager – Factory and Operations

Tay Keng Chong

General Manager – Vietnam

Tay Keng Chong

Acting Country Head, Phillippines

Zaleha Shafii

Group Finance & Accounts Manager

Juliette Lau

General Manager – Human Resource

Michelle Johnson

General Manager – Marketing/Product Development

Tay Ching Teck

General Manager – Retail (Creative Lab)

Derek Wong

General Manager – Domestic Sales

Neermal Khanna

General Manager – Export