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What is the minimum grout gap between 2 tiles?

According to many standards worldwide, minimum grout gap size is 3mm.

In terms of average cost per square metre, how does a large format tile compare to 1×2 or 2×2?

Our sales personnel will get in touch with you on the pricing.

I want to use large format tiles as a decorative motif under a classical design covered porch, which sometimes has rainwater splashing in. How can I address the slipperiness?

We do not recommend the use of large format tiles for car porches as they have polished surfaces. However, you can install them on the wall with no problem. For car porches, do consider Legacy or Pedregal, our latest collections which have slip-stop features.

If Vogue Grande large format tiles are applied on floors or staircase steps, does it feel cold when one steps on it? Some seniors afraid of this issue.

In general, all tile surfaces will have similar temperatures as their surroundings. To avoid cold feet, we recommend the use of footwear that have anti-slip properties as well as large format tiles have polished surfaces.

Are large format tiles easy on maintenance in the kitchen and toilet areas? Will it be necessary to apply protective agents?

Vogue Grande is easy to maintain whether in a kitchen or toilet. Soap scum on toilet walls can be cleaned off with a damp melamine foam pad, which may be known under several different names such: magic sponge, magic eraser, Japanese sponge, wonder sponge, etc. After cleaning with the foam pad, rinse the surface with clean water. No protective agents are required to be applied onto the surface.

Does Niro sell floor profiles as well?

Sun Synergy Sdn Bhd is the exclusive distributor of floor profiles. You can contact Sun Synergy at info@sunsynergy.my

How is the packaging and delivery like for large format tiles?

Our packaging are in accordance with ISO standards to ensure the safety of our products during delivery.

What is the thickness of large format tiles?

The thickness of our tiles ranges from 9mm to 15mm. 90x180cm and 120x240cm tiles are 9mm thick; 120x120cm tiles are 11.5mm thick and 160x360cm tiles are 15mm thick.

Will it be possible to cut the tiles on site? Can you recommend the tool?

Big slab tilers will typically have the appropriate cutting tools on site. Unfortunately, we do not sell those tools.

What is the thinnest large format tile available?

For Vogue Grande, the thinnest we have is 9mm thick.

Can we have a softcopy of the catalogue for our reference for any future projects?

Of course! For Vogue Grande, you may download the catalogue from our website here: https://nirogranite.com.vn/vogue-grande/

What is the minimum order quantity for large format tiles? Can we order just one piece?

Our products are sold by the carton – for 90x180cm, 120x240cm and 160x320cm tiles, only 1 unit is packed per carton. For 120x120cm tiles, 2 units are packed per carton.

Are there ready stocks of large format tiles? Can we request for custom cuts?

We do not offer custom cut services. Nevertheless, we can share our recommended contractor who can provide cutting services.

Is it possible to install tiles on ceiling if we use a very good adhesive?

Yes, it is very possible and we have done it before! We would recommend an epoxy adhesive with quick curing ability such as Laticrete’s latapoxy 310: it is a spot-on epoxy adhesive which provides permanent bonding. Take note that the success of the installation will depend on the substrate/sulphate surface being strong enough to carry the load without chipping.

If I want to use 60x120cm tiles in a porch area. How can I prevent debonding?

As porches are external areas with vehicular use, the adhesive used will have to be flexible (S2 classification). Ensure that 3mm gap is observed with perimeter joints of 6mm. We would recommend using adhesives with C2TES1 classification. During installation, it should be protected from rain for at least 72hrs, or you could consider using a fast-setting adhesive (C2TEFS1) to shorten the timeframe that it needs to be shielded from rain.

How many variants are there for Niro’s marble lookalike tiles?

It all depends on the product design and sizes. You may discover more information on our products in our website:https://nirogranite.com.vn/vogue-grande/

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